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Design Sauce

We heard that you are looking for an in-house Graphic Designer.

One who has the industry knowledge and proven skill sets to do the following for you:

  • A constant stream of work every month

  • Design that works

  • Possibly overseeing print productions for all creative deliverables

Wouldn't it be great if that designer came together with the expertise and experience of a Team

…at the same cost?

handles the whole design process – from account servicing and project management to graphic design and art direction. All for what you would pay a single designer. 

 Outsource the 'in-house design' role to MAAD and savour these benefits.

Mouseover box for more details.

MAAD uses our collective creative talents to give you the best possible design solution for your needs. 

Despite only 1 designer working on your projects, you get the collective talents and idea contributions from a professional team (Creative Director and other designers who have varied strengths and experience).

Ever faced an issue when your one designer is on leave and all work comes to a standstill? That will not happen with us. 


Our assurance is that your work requirements will not be disrupted during the work week, as we have professional minions to take over the job should one of us fall sick or go on a holiday.

No more worrying over hardware and software upgrades. We have our computers and softwares plus, we cover our own upgrade costs. 


The best part? Just a fixed monthly fee without additional costs such as Employee CPF contributions, medical/dental benefits or annual leave. It’s easily a 5-digit savings a year for you.

MAAD offers temporary and long-term solutions for your graphic design needs.




 No added MSG, artificial flavours* and preservatives. Just really good

design sauce.

* A heavy dose of artificial colouring may be required for certain products.

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