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This concept applies the idea of 'checkmate' through the medium of Chinese Chess, which includes pieces like 'soldiers', 'carriages', 'horses' and 'elephants'.

In this scenario, the 'Elephant' piece has been cornered by the soldiers and carriages.


The textured background replicates the skin of an elephant to bring together the whole visual in a holistic manner.

Say NO to
Ivory Trade

VivoCity's 10th Anniversary featured a slew of activities which included a carnival. 


Inspired by that theme, we conceptualised a die-cut 'pull-out' invite which replicates a spinning carousel when the recipient pulls out the invite.


The 'pull-out' features 10 horses, which also ties in with the 10th Anniversary theme.

10th Anniversary Invite

The wacky face  is a combination of 2 photos.


There is always a love-hate relationship going on with stock images – designers cannot live without them, but can never find what they want.


So, we often have to create what does not exist.

New Croissant Flavour Campaign

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